My most popular Android application. NI Metro is an app for commuters in Northern Ireland which uses their GPS location to work out which bus stop is closest, when the next buses will arrive there and how long it will be before they arrive. It also works for trains and ferry services.
Target Runner is a suite of fitness applications for Android and Windows. I am very keen on maintaining my own personal fitness and decided I wanted my to be able to tweak software to meet my training preferences. The Android version is based on the open-source RunnerUp application. The Windows version is being written from scratch.
A buy and sell page for people living in the Central American country of Honduras. It costs alot of money for people to get things delivered from Ebay and there is no postal system in much of the country, so people need other ways to buy stuff locally. Kompris offers Hondurans a way to buy and sell things on-line using a computer or phone.

HoverNet NG

A restored version of a 3D Windows racing game from the 1990s. The game was made open source in 2008 and I maintain a fork of it to help me practice programming. The client side is written in C++ and the server side has versions in both C++ and php/mysql

Custom Phone Tracker

A phone tracking app that needs to be installed manually. The benefit of the manual installation is that the app re-installs itself after a factory reset. So even if someone steals and wipes your phone the application will be still be on there. The app sends location details so you can view the location of your device at any time on a map and if someone changes the sim card it will send you the new number. I've been able to get addresses, whatsapp details and profile pictures of two phone thieves using this software, also help numerous people recover their lost phones.

Rugby Honduras

In 2010 I created the first websites and Facebook pages about the sport of rugby in Honduras. Since then the sport has grown rapidly and people still use my sites and pages to find out about Honduran rugby and get involved in the sport. I was also the secretary of the federation and helped coach players and select the national team.

Rugby Honduras Facebook Page

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